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SofTrak Greens Advantages Over Competition

There are two major advantages that SofTrak® has over other synthetic putting greens manufacturers and installation companies.

Superior Performance
Unlike most artificial surfaces, a SofTrak® green will actually hold a shot, just like a natural grass green! When chipping onto the green, the ball will actually check up. With backspin, you can even make a ball stop or back up. It’s amazing!

But the most unbelievable thing about a SofTrak® green is the way a ball rolls on it, and this you simply have to see to believe. The ball will roll true and at an even pace, at fast or slow stemp speeds. Because of its low maintenance and realistic performance, the SofTrak® system is actually preferred for use in putting greens at some commercial golf courses instead of natural grass!

Low Maintenance
Having a SofTrak® Putting green is the perfect solution for any golfer who doesn’t have much time. In the convenience of your own backyard you can practice your short game whenever you want, plus have a lot of fun with friends and family.

But the greatest thing about a SofTrak® green is you won’t have to spend all your time mowing, watering, and fertilizing, and you won’t have to sacrifice performance to have a low maintenance putting green at your home.


Frequently Asked Questions

Check out frequently asked questions regarding SofTrak® Greens artificial putting greens and artificial turf to better understand how our products are manufactured, installed and maintained.

Read the SofTrak® Greens Frequently asked Questions.


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SofTrak® Greens Synthetic Turf System

The SofTrak Greens System
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Each putting green is designed to fit the site and satisfy the client’s specifications. The installation process is an exact one, resulting in a satisfied customer every time. It's more than a Surface. It's a System.

The SofTrak® system was created to imitate a real golf course green in every way. We begin by excavating and compacting the site and overlaying a special geotextile fabric to help stabilize the sub-base. We then construct a two-layer, compacted crushed stone flex-base and compact it completely. Next, we contour the surface to your specifications.

The base is now ready for the SofTrak® turf to be placed, cut, and shaped as desired. Now comes a special proprietary blend of cleaned and special size graded round silica granules. Finally we apply a combination of our proprietary colored top-dressing which gives the green its unique realistic appearance.

SofTrak’s® color is closer to the color of true grass than any other artificial fiber. Our last step is to adjust the speed of the green by rolling. We can even match the speed of the greens at our favorite club.

Four Things That Make SofTrak® Greens Vastly Superior

The Base
Gluing the fringes rather than nailing them limits holes and helps maintain the integrity of the product.
The SofTrak® turf system is constructed over a two-layer flex base that provides stable support, drains quickly, and won’t crack from freezing or expanding soils.

The putting surface can even be designed with contours and undulations for uphill, downhill, and breaking putts.

The Turf
SofTrak® turf is a specialized product and is the only synthetic turf manufactured from fibers specifically designed to simulate the softness, texture, density, and color of natural bent-grass.

SofTrak® turf is manufactured to precise specifications in order to achieve optimum pile height and density to create a putting surface that is truly realistic and performs just like a natural bent-grass putting green.

Our infill is a specially formulated blend of round quartx designed to keep the surface soft and cause fibers to stand upright.
SofTrak® turf, and the fiber used to make it, were developed by X-Grass Worldwide Turf Solutions, and both are manufactured exclusively for X-Grass.

No one else has anything like it!

The turf used by our competitors is made from common “off-the-shelf” synthetic fibers designed for action sports like football, soccer, or tennis, not putting greens.

The In-fill System
The SofTrak® system integrates a unique in-fill system called RQS-2000 into the fibers of the turf to create a natural feel and softness in the putting surface.

Our unique installation process includes use of the Cramer Power Broom, designed to give your surface not only more fiber tips, but fuller ones.
Other competitors use ordinary sand as an in-fill, which causes the putting surface to compact and harden over time.

RQS-2000 is an exclusive product developed by X-Grass Worldwide Turf Solutions specifically for putting greens that is made from a specially formulated blend cleaned and size graded round quartz and is designed to keep the putting surface soft.

The in-fill system also incorporates SofTrak® Top Dressing our specially formulated and size graded blend of colored acrylic coated quartz that give your green the deep rich luster that only SofTrak® greens known for.

The Finish

Our exclusive top-dressing provides SofTrak with its signature deep, rich luster.

You can read the SofTrak® Greens frequently asked questions regarding SofTrak® Greens artificial putting greens and artificial turf for additional information regarding manufacturing, installation and maintenance.


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